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The professional water tanker aggregator and water analytics company. We enable water tankers to take the optimal routes, we continously optimise supply chain by our innovative edge so our customers benefit all the time and receive the best in class services.

We use the latest technology - vehicle GPS, mobile application, Internet of Things (IoT) and Cloud and many more, to achieve the best optimization and deliver efficiency.


What We Do

Tanker Aggregation

- Large number of tankers and driver partners.
- Mobile application for all tanker operations.
- Accurate tracking of tanker trips.
- Demand prediction
- Automated tanker scheduling
- Accurate tanker billing
- Best experience resulting from blend of technology, aggregation, automation and optimal processes.

Water Analytics

- IoT real-time based tank monitoring.
- Accurate water metering at building level.
- Accurate water billing.
- Consumption patterns - daily, weekly and monthly
- Alerts - Leakage, over consumption, pattern violation.
- Water conservation - using data analytics, trends and best practices.

Allied Water Services

- Tank cleaning services.
- Swimming pool cleaning.
- Water quality testing.
- Compliance support - Fire hydrants, rain water harvesting, sewage treatment.
- Water bill at individual apartment level.

Water Audit Service

Water crisis in Indian Cities is real and there is a pressing need to save water. Recently the importance of water assessment has gained significance due to the extreme usage of ground water by societies, companies etc. Alarming number of Water Tankers used to transport the ground water to consumer entities is adversely affecting the environment and rapid depletion of Water Table. Water Audit helps to save the cost, water in addition to minimizing tanker dependency leading to chain of benefits.

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